Our Services


Our passion is to help individuals, businesses and communities thrive. This includes planning for, responding to, and recovering from disasters that cause economic disruptions.


Our firm helps public, non-profit and private sector organizations address complex challenges, deliver superior performance, achieve greater efficiencies through process and technology improvements, create sustainable value, and achieve transformational growth.


Natural Disaster Planning, Recovery, and Rebuilding Services


Sometimes planning ahead just isn’t an option. In the wake of a disaster, communities need specific tools and tested resources to help them make informed, timely response and recovery decisions.


With the future safety, livelihoods, and economic prosperity of its citizens at stake, there is no room for delay.  Learning from recovery lessons of the past is imperative. This includes knowing how to access information, setting up structures and models of delivery; drawing on best practices; maximizing the value of recovery grants; ensuring accountability and proper governance; and integrating recovery and economic development processes.


As your trusted partner, we help your community develop and implement long-term recovery and resilience solutions.


Here’s how we do it:

Focus on community and business needs


We help communities identify, assess and address immediate and long-term needs.

  • Business needs surveys

  • SWOT analysis

  • Asset mapping

  • Opportunity identification

  • Issue research/identification

  • Jobenomics- job creation strategies

Establish a disaster recovery framework


We help communities develop a disaster recovery framework that can accelerate sustained, resilient recovery, with a special focus on business and economic recovery.

  • Disaster recovery framework consulting

  • Recovery support function planning

  • Community and stakeholder relations

  • Government relations

Recovery support


We help local, regional and federal organizations and communities respond and recover from natural or man-made disasters.


We work with stakeholders to design and implement effective response and recovery measures so local communities become more resilient.

  • Business and economic resiliency and recovery strategies  

  • Program design and implementation

  • Policy development and design

Technical assistance


We work with your community or organization to develop and implement training and technical assistance programs aimed at improving your recovery performance.

  • Resilience training- both standard and customized 

  • Technical teams

  • Special project support

  • Event development, support, coordination

  • Funding program development and grant management