Resilient communities have jobs and opportunities available for their citizens. Many times, disasters have a very negative impact on workforce, forcing residents find opportunities to locate elsewhere.

This doesn't have to happen.


Jobenomics deals with the process of creating and mass-producing startup companies and jobs. 


Jobenomics’ principal focus is on citizens at the base of the socioeconomic pyramid with special emphasis on minorities, women, youth, veterans and other hopefuls who want to develop a skill, career and start a business. 


In the United States, the goal of the Jobenomics National Grassroots Movement is to help facilitate the creation of 20 million net new U.S. jobs within over the next ten years.  The Movement has an estimated following of over 20 million people via media, website, blog, and lectures.  In 2017, Jobenomics’ website received over 350,000 page views with the majority the viewers spending a half hour or more online, not counting time spent reviewing hundreds of thousands of downloads of Jobenomics nine books and research. 


Today, Jobenomics has garnished wide-spread support for its economic, urban renewal, small business, and workforce development efforts.  A dozen U.S. communities have started Jobenomics initiatives led by local community leaders.

Jobenomics Canada

Our firm is pleased to have an agreement with Jobenomics in order to help expand this concept ino Canada and beyond! To learn more about how you can get a Jobenomics initiative going in your region contact