Disaster Guides

We have a number of products, including Leann Hackman-Carty's "Master Your Disaster" guides and templates for individuals, businesses and communities available at

COVID-19 Test Kits

HackmanCarty & Associates, in collaboration with California-based Abbot Genetics is the Canadian distributer for the COVID-19 RAPID TEST Rx. We are currently able to fufill orders within 48 hours.


The test has 100% accuracy, there are no false positives. It has withstood a number of trials, and is now being widely utilized in universities, retail outlets, hospitals and pharmacies throughout China, Iran, and other parts of the United States to detect IgM antibodies in COVID-19. Presence of the virus can be detected between 8-15 minutes. Early detection will help curb further transmission.

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Other Products

We are also currently negotiating with a number of product suppliers to either represent their products in a market, partner with them on product development, or help them expand into new markets.


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We are particularly interested in products related to food, shelter, or technology.


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