Our Associates


Depending on the nature of projects we take on, we match our clients needs with the skills and expertise of our highly qualified Associates operating throughout North America.

For example, within our Associate base we have a diverse range of skills to draw from including economic disaster recovery and resiliency strategies; community economic development strategies; business and retention programs; investment attraction; strategic brand positioning; event management and information technology to name a few.




Loretta Avent has dedicated her life to improving the lives of Native American youth, following service in the White House as the Deputy Assistant to President Clinton for Intergovernment Affairs, White House Liaison to Indian Country and Liaison to First Lady Hillary Rodham Clinton's Office. In that capacity, she worked extensively with various U.S. tribal leadership on a range of community issues. She has a passion for removing political, policy or administrative barriers. 


Loretta partnered with HACKMANCARTY to bring her Native American Youth Forum concept to Canada in November 2014. Her understanding of the political environment, and how that impacts policy decisions at the local, regional and national levels is a great asset to communities and businesses. Loretta is based out of Phoenix, USA. 




Natalie Gibson, is truly a business and trade development expert.  She is a connector and a conduit for businesses and governments seeking economic growth. For over 20 years, Natalie has worked in regional, national and international markets, helping organizations develop and plan their business retention and expansion strategies; creating business visitation programs; hosting and planning business matchmaking sessions; and creating and implementing trade missions. Natalie’s expertise includes: market research; new product launch; technology transfer; and all facets of business and economic development from education to commercialization to regional strategy development. She also has an incredible network of professionals and resources. Natalie possesses a strong understanding of domestic and international markets, she has the capacity to work directly with companies or government to complete industry sector profiles; develop strategies to penetrate deeper into existing markets; explore and confirm new markets; or establish new joint venture potential. Natalie is based in Airdrie, Canada. 



Over the past 30 years, Deidre has been a creative leader for a number of global brands including Nike, Speedo, Bebe Sport, Spyder and Victoria Secret. As a Designer, she is always interested in solving problems in creative, innovative ways. Her process includes developing a strategic positioning for the brand and then creating concepts to drive the design and product development. Deidre also owned and operated her own design/retail operation including manufacturing, merchandising and management. All of this experience helped develop a well rounded knowledge of what it takes to make an operation successful, and how important the creative process is in all of it. Deidre's leading edge creative and design skills are invaluable when businesses and communities are looking to position their brand in an effective, competitive marketplace. She currently resides in Boulder, USA, but travels extensively throughout Asia, the United States and Europe on a regular basis.  



Horacio Reyes is a Mexican economist with over thirty years of experience in International Business, Negotiation, Public Affairs, Tourism and Marketing. He is now an international business consultant. His diverse experience has been with the public and private sector, including a significant focus on international affairs. This includes serving as a Diplomat, Vice-President of the Mexican Export Bank, and as a high ranking official at Federal, State and Municipal levels. During his career, he has lived and worked in Mexico, Canada, Japan, Italy, USA, India and Hong Kong. He speaks several languages and has been an International speaker and advisor. Horacio is based in Querétaro, Mexico.



Mr. Vollmer is the author and founder of Jobenomics, which deals with the economics of business and job creation.  Jobenomics’ principal focus is on citizens at the base of America’s socioeconomic pyramid with special emphasis on minorities, women, youth, veterans and other hopefuls who want to develop a skill, career and start a business.  The Jobenomics National Grassroots Movement has reached an estimated audience of 30 million people via media, website, blog, and lectures.  In 2017, Jobenomics’ website received over 350,000 page views with the majority the viewers spending a half hour or more online, not counting time spent reviewing hundreds of thousands of downloads of Jobenomics ten e-books and special reports.  In 2018, Jobenomics America TV began airing on Apple TV, Amazon Fire, Roku, and Dish TV’s new America’s Voices News Network.  Today, Jobenomics has garnished wide-spread support for its economic, urban renewal, small business, and workforce development efforts.  Two dozen U.S. communities started Jobenomics initiatives led by local community leaders.



In 2000, Stephen Jordan founded and served for 12 years as executive director of the Business Civic Leadership Center, a not-for-profit 501(c)-3 affiliate of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce focused on corporate social responsibility and public-private partnerships. He is the author, co-author, and editor of numerous publications on corporate responsibility, business ethics, and global development. Before founding BCLC, Stephen served as executive director of the Association of American Chambers of Commerce in Latin America. Stephen holds an MBA from Georgetown University and an MA in Political and Social Thought from the University of Virginia with high academic honors from both institutions. His practice areas include enterprise-wide corporate responsibility and sustainability strategy, business and non-profit development strategy, marketing and advocacy strategy, public-private partnership development, stakeholder relationship management, social capital and trust-building, social impact and socially responsible investing, resilience, and disaster recovery.



For nearly a decade, Mickie Valente has worked with local governments, economic and workforce development organizations on innovative projects that build more resilient, diversified economies and communities. Mickie is internationally known as a strategic planner who assists community business leaders in developing critical business recovery and long-term economic redevelopment strategies. She has been at the forefront of groundbreaking initiatives to integrate economic development principles and engage private sector stakeholders in planning that enhances community resiliency and accelerates economic revitalization following a major economic disruption. She regularly participates as an adviser for the development and implementation of national economic and business recovery initiatives with the  U.S. Economic Development Association (EDA) and the International Economic Development Council (IEDC), serving as a subject matter expert and stakeholder facilitator. Recently the EDA engaged Mickie to develop its "Resilience in Economic Development Planning" report and to consult with local communities in Colorado to implement resilience principles identified in the report. Mickie is based in St. Petersburg, USA.